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Make Money Promoting Zyro

Looking to grow your business and earn extra income? Join the Zyro Affiliate Program and get up to 70% commissions.

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Why join the Zyro affiliate program?

Make 70% in commissions

Every time you help us make a sale, you’ll be paid up to 70% commission. That’s one of the highest rates in the industry.

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Complete data transparency

All of the traffic that you drive to Zyro will be collected and shared with you in a totally transparent way via Tune.

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A friendly account manager

Our account managers are your biggest fans. They will help you with whatever you need to maximize those conversion rates.

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Let’s work together if you:

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    Have a large audience of small/medium business owners.

    Zyro empowers people to reach their full online potential. Have an audience that’s looking for a service like ours? Great news.

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    Want to monetize your traffic.

    What better way to do just that than to promote the fastest growing website builder out there? Let’s scale up together.

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    Love the Zyro website builder.

    It’s much easier to recommend Zyro to others if you truly like our product yourself. You’ll get a free premium account when you join us too.

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Here’s how the Zyro Affiliates program works

  • Sign up

    Apply for an affiliate account today

  • Promote Zyro

    Do what you do best – drive your traffic to us

  • Get paid

    Make money when your referrals buy premium Zyro plans

Zyro's Affiliate Program FAQs

Zyro Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions could be found here .
  • If you’re interested in joining the Zyro affiliate program, you will need to go through a simple application process first. Once approved, you can start referring traffic to use. Once someone converts, the data is recorded, and the sale is attributed to you. Get up to 70% in commissions when you bring a paying customer to Zyro.
  • This varies on the size and the quality of your audience. Some of our affiliate partners make hundreds of dollars, while others are already into four figures. Since our platform is relatively new, you can really capitalize on being one of the first affiliate partners of ours.
  • Pretty much anyone can become an affiliate partner of ours. We have no artificial eligibility criteria, nor do we demand that you bring in a certain amount of traffic every month. If you’re uncertain if you can apply, you can always reach out to us via
  • No, we will be able to manage your multi-channel business with just one account. This makes things way easier when it comes to tracking and attributing data, as well as paying you.
  • You need to earn at least $100 to trigger a payment and only transactions older than 35 days will count. The payment will be made via PayPal.
  • All of the information about your affiliate tracking links will be provided to you after you successfully log in to your affiliate partner’s page.
  • Yes, you may. However, you must be in sync with your affiliate manager as to what kinds of keywords you may target. If you’re unsure, just send them a quick email to iron out the details.
  • There are a lot of different ways you can reach an audience of small/medium business owners, who would be interested in Zyro. You could give social media a try; platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram are full of potential. Or you could give email marketing a go – it’s a great way to address people who can’t be reached via social media. Get creative with your banners and your copywriting too.

Turn your traffic into money

Earn up to 70% in commissions for each new Zyro user that you refer. Let us know if you have any questions about our program at . Start making money